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LinkedInJuly, 20 2022

How To Write A Recommendation On LinkedIn

Adela BelinContent strategist and writer
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LinkedIn makes finding new opportunities easier than ever before. More than 72% of surveyed employers say that they use LinkedIn for finding and recruiting new talents.

From new graduates searching for a job to people who are looking for a new career, LinkedIn is a good place to start.


But here’s the thing: integrating your professional life with the world’s largest professional network isn’t always easy.

When someone asks you to recommend them for a job, it can feel like a lot to take on — especially because you may not know that person very well.

It can be tough to write a recommendation for someone based on such little information about their performance as an employee. That all said, being a good colleague, supervisor or manager you are, you want to help them write a recommendation on LinkedIn.

A good LinkedIn profile is important for professionals everywhere, so having recommendations that stand out will help potential employers or hiring managers to see the potential and desire to succeed in the workforce.

No pressure.

Why is it Important to Write a Thoughtful LinkedIn Recommendation?

Let’s put it this way: if you’re looking to build a career or make a big career transition, you’ll likely need to add some extra weight to your LinkedIn profile.

Your resume is your chance to tell your potential employer about your qualifications and accomplishments, but it doesn’t really allow you to explain how you got those skills in the first place.

A recommendation from someone who knows you well can help fill in the blanks and tell your story in a meaningful way.


A recommendation from someone you worked with can be the extra push you need to land the job. It’s safe to say that it’s like an easy-to-trace reference.

Write a Strong Recommendation on LinkedIn in 4 Steps

Now that we know why LinkedIn recommendations make differences on a LinkedIn profile– in the best way possible, one burning question would be, “how do you write a recommendation on LinkedIn that is well thought out?”

1. Determine their strengths

A lot of people make the mistake of writing a recommendation as if you know everything about the person you are reviewing.

Instead, as someone who is qualified to give a recommendation, you should focus on highlighting the skills that they excel at.


"I've always had a blast working with my colleagues and professionals in my line of work. But John is someone who I will always remember fondly. Not only did he show me many tricks of digital advertisement, but he's also impeccable at navigating the company’s internal processes…"

This can be helpful for you, too. By researching the skills the person you are recommending has and the ones they are best at, you get a chance to review your own skills and find out what you’re best at, too.

Working toward a common goal and sharing the accomplishments together will allow you to foster a greater relationship. This can help you better understand the person you are recommending and help you write a recommendation that fits their strengths more accurately.

2. Use a powerful hook

You should start with a catchy hook — something that grabs the attention of the employer and makes them want to keep reading.

You don’t have to put on airs just to impress the employer. But, you do want to make them want to read your recommendation and learn more about the person you’re recommending and also about you too.

By including a powerful line, you make the recommendation more memorable for the reader and help them understand that you are someone who takes their job seriously and knows how to write a good recommendation.


"If you’re looking to work with someone who can help you reach your full potential, Jonas is the perfect person. I've worked with him for three years and learned a lot from him. As a colleague, Jonas always supported me and shared his experience in this field. Without his help, I wouldn’t be where I am in my career today."

3. Describe your relationship

Everyone can learn how to write a recommendation on LinkedIn. But, not everyone qualified for that.

It’s crucial to let the employer know who you are and what kind of relationship you have with the person you’re recommending.

However, make sure to briefly describe your relationship. A description of your relationship will help the person reading your recommendation understand the context of what you’re writing. It will help them decide if your recommendation is credible or not.


"I was lucky enough to work under Mrs Spencer for five years. As a supervisor, she's done so much more than coaching me. She made sure I made progress over time and helped me build confidence in this challenging field."

4. Share anecdotes

Your recommendation should not be a mere list of facts that tell the reader what the person you are recommending has done. Let’s admit it, most of us have seen enough of overused resume buzzwords like a detail-oriented, team player, hard-working, fast learner, you name it.

Rather, it should be a personal insight into the person’s abilities that helps the reader connect with the person and their strengths. You want to make your recommendation personal without being too personal.


"Stevan is an excellent mentor who I studied with for four years… I was always impressed by his consistency in giving his fullest effort to the team and played a significant role in ensuring that we completed assignments on time."

You want to show the reader that you know this person and can vouch for them. You want to write a recommendation that makes the reader feel like they know the person by the time they finish reading.

Studies say that Wednesday is the best time to post on LinkedIn. So, if you want to write a recommendation that will gain more viewers, post it at that specific time.

Final thoughts

When you write a recommendation on LinkedIn, you have a chance to truly stand out and help someone else. A good recommendation gets attention and can help a person get the job they want or even help move their career forward in a significant way.

It can be hard to write a recommendation for someone. There’s a lot riding on you and you must make it count. With these key tips, you can write a recommendation that truly makes an impact and can help someone create a positive impression on potential recruiters.

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