Where To Find Free Images For Your Blog: 10 Best Websites

Have there been times when you’ve written out a long blog post and wondered why it didn’t get the response you thought it would? From doing research and writing in-depth content to being grammatically-correct — you thought you had done it all.  Time to introspect, don’t you think? Perhaps what was missing was the visual

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How to Choose a Niche for your Blog: 6 Smart Tactics

Imagine starting a new blog excitedly and writing a few blog posts at a stretch only to regret choosing that niche. Terrifying, isn’t it?  Whether it’s the lack of topics to write about or loss of interest, the truth is that you chose a blog niche on a whim and now you’re stuck with it.


How to Create an Editorial Calendar for your Blog: 6 Pro Tips

Consistency is key to blogging success but let’s face it, it’s super tough to be consistent. There will be days when you will be filled with ideas and others when you won’t know what to write about. But hey — there are bloggers who have been publishing a consistent stream of articles every week for


How to Start a Lifestyle Blog: A Step-by-Step Guide

How many times have you come across a fun and engaging lifestyle blog only to think, “I wish I could do that too”? Well, guess what — you can. Starting a lifestyle blog might seem intimidating but it isn’t rocket science. Yes, you need a considerable amount of planning, a clear objective and consistency but


Are Press Releases Dead? 6 Tips to Rethink Your Approach

You’ve spent an entire week crafting that perfect press release. You put together a list of publications you want to pitch to, draft a pitch email, and hit ‘send’. A day passes, two days pass ..a week passes. Not one positive response. Nada. “Are press releases dead,” you wonder? No, they aren’t dead. They’ve just