How to Create an Editorial Calendar for your Blog: 6 Pro Tips

Consistency is key to blogging success but let’s face it, it’s super tough to be consistent. There will be days when you will be filled with ideas and others when you won’t know what to write about. But hey — there are bloggers who have been publishing a consistent stream of articles every week for


How to Start a Lifestyle Blog: A Step-by-Step Guide

How many times have you come across a fun and engaging lifestyle blog only to think, “I wish I could do that too”? Well, guess what — you can. Starting a lifestyle blog might seem intimidating but it isn’t rocket science. Yes, you need a considerable amount of planning, a clear objective and consistency but


Are Press Releases Dead? 6 Tips to Rethink Your Approach

You’ve spent an entire week crafting that perfect press release. You put together a list of publications you want to pitch to, draft a pitch email, and hit ‘send’. A day passes, two days pass ..a week passes. Not one positive response. Nada. “Are press releases dead,” you wonder? No, they aren’t dead. They’ve just


How to Drive Organic Traffic and Grow your Blog in 2020

Every blogger or website owner is actively looking for ways to drive organic traffic to their blog or business website. Why? Because with more traffic comes increased sales opportunities, more leads and conversions, and eventually more revenue. Unlike paid advertising, creating organic traffic is not easy to come by. According to a study on search


6 Tips to Stay Motivated as a New Blogger and Not Give Up On Your Blog

You recently started a new blog and wrote a couple of posts in one go. It was going great and your excitement was at an all-time high until your blog came to an abrupt halt. No ideas? No time? Other activities took priority? Or just life maybe? Whatever be the case, truth is, your blog