Blogging for Business: 6 Reasons to Start a Blog

Content marketing is continuously evolving. With the rise of new mediums and content formats, one might wonder if blogs are still relevant today. The answer is yes, more than ever. If you’re tempted to do away with the good ol’ blog, stop right there. Here are some interesting blogging statistics that will make you think


How to Create Engaging Content: 6 Tips to Captivate your Readers

“Engaging content is key to content marketing success.” As a content creator or blogger, you must have heard this several times. Let’s take a moment to understand what engaging content is. A simple search on Google throws back hundreds and thousands of search results, few relevant to you. You probably click on some of them


How to Blog Consistently and Never Run Out of Content?

If there’s one common thing they say about blogging, it’s the importance of being consistent.  From driving traffic and reaching new readers to making money blogging – the key to growing your blog lies in consistency. Moreover, with over 2 million posts going live every day – it’s safe to say that blogging is becoming