Press release

Press releases are not dead. The way they’re approached has changed.

Even today, the best way to make a company announcement or share a noteworthy milestone is by writing a strong press release.

What’s changed, you ask? The marriage of your SEO and press release strategy.

Considering that most of the searching happens online, it’s advisable to optimize your press release content for SEO and use visual content to stand out.

With an extensive knowledge of SEO and experience writing press releases, my team and I can help you achieve that by writing press releases that tell a compelling story while including all the necessary keywords.

What Makes Us Different?

  • Press releases are all about storytelling and my press release writers know how to present your company news in a manner that makes it stand out.
  • My team of press release writers comes with a journalism and communications background so they exactly know what journalists and media professionals look for in press releases.
  • We write for humans first and weave the SEO aspect later. While both are equally important, we certainly believe in writing content that reads right and does not sound like a robot.
  • The content we create is original and 100% plagiarism-free. We don’t endorse cut-copy-paste jobs or believe in rehashing articles that will hurt your users’ experience or search engine rankings.

Our Services

These are the different types of press releases we can create content for:

  • Company news
  • Event
  • Product launch
  • Charitable initiative
  • Partnership or merger
  • Change in leadership

What is Our Working Process?

With everything you’re working on, we would hate to come in the way and make life difficult which is why we’ve ensured our working process is smooth and simple.

  • When you reach out to us with a brief, we do our background study and gather as many details about the announcement in question.
  • We think of a press release angle and share it with you for your approval.
  • Once we have your approval, we work on the first draft and include quotes from key company spokesperson.
  • The draft is then shared with you and further tweaked basis your feedback.